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Preorder issue one of the new series “Faehunter” now and receive your copy by mail one

month before it hits the retail shelves! The first 50 preorders will be  autographed by

the creator/writer/artist of “Faehunter”, SilverPhoenix. The first 25 preorders will also be

 autographed by the artist for the pin up gallery in the back of the book, Stephen R.

Bennett IV. All people who place prepaid preorders before October 31st 2001 will be

entered to win a personalized commission drawing of the character of their choice from

Faehunter and themselves produced and signed by the artists of “Faehunter”. *Check our

number of preorders online at our website as we are currently only going to accept 1500!

If we make our goal of 1,000 then all those who preordered will be put in a drawing for

free tickets to the anime convention of their choice on us!

Visit for more release info. On the “Faehunter” series as

well as anime web cartoons, and the “Player & Skank” manga for ages 18 and up. Thank

you for showing your support for “Faehunter” and the artists of Shoujo Punk Anime, we

look forward to providing the anime world with quality manga and indie titles!


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All books will be shipped on or before Dec. 01 2005. Books will be sent by

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