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This is a new occult manga series by artist SilverPhoenix that features a character pin up series of poster pages by anime artist Stephen R. Bennett. Merchandise is now available via our "shop" online and books can be preordered now for both retail and individual sales. For retail orders please contact us directly.


Preorder your copy of issue one and be entered to win a "Faehunter" T-shirt, Book of Shadows, and more! Pre-order before October 31st and received an autographed copy from SilverPhoenix!

Estimated Street Date: Dec. 31st 2004 or sooner

Check back here at for updates!

The RPG Game will be available in the Spring of 2005 or sooner.

Issue #2 of Vol 1 is set for Feb. 2005


Download fliers for your local club or group and Preorder forms here!

11 x 17" poster (right click and save) poster 2

Faehunter Banners


Issue One:

 Meet Natsumi Fubata, a Wiccan living someplace in the USA. Together with her friend Jimmy she will discover some of the darker secrets that the universe has to offer as she opens a Pandora's box of intrigue and chaos. Accidentally Natsumi releases an imprisoned spirit and causes an astral uproar that is sure to threaten the stability of the modern world. The only way to clean up the mess she has made is to capture and seal all the creatures she has attracted before they can run a mock; and before she goes completely insane!

*Natsumi will meet a lot of famous people along her journey including the one and only "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark"!





All images and characters are Copyright Shoujo Punk Anime 2004, All Rights Reserved