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Website Updates:


Artists Stephen R. Bennett IV and SilverPhoenix will be attending a convention in Cleveland, OH in June. During "Colosalcon" we will be accepting submissions from artists at our booth in the dealer's room for a shot at a publishing deal for a mini comic. More details will be available soon.

There will be a play by post RPG game forum added to the website for the Holiday season. More information will be available at the end of this month.

The Anime News Network has a press release posted on our new Faehunter series and our new character for Elvira.

We have also added a section to the site to review DFW Indie music groups, we will try to keep an accurate schedule up for some of the area's best concert venues and clubs such as the Gypsy Tea Room!

 New Releases:

The first issue of our new occult manga series, "Faehunter" is scheduled for release in or before December of this year. Issue two will be due out around Feb. of 2005. The series will feature an original storyline and cast of characters from artist SilverPhoenix as well as a pin up poster series from anime artist Stephen R. Bennett IV

In addition, the story will include various licensed characters from the media and real life.

RPG games from author Christopher Constantain will also be published in the near future. More info will be posted as it becomes available.


 Elvira: Mistress of the Dark


As it currently stands, Shoujo Punk Anime has been granted non-exclusive official license to the character "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark"!

A manga style character of the famous horror movie hostess will be unveiled in issue three of "Faehunter". A separate book series featuring just the Elvira character is also being discussed.

Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) will have creative input on all dialogue and situations in which her character will be featured. This is NOT a "fanfic"!

As this is a busy season for Cassandra we won't be able to post any more news about the "Elvira" character until the middle of Novemeber. We are planning to bring "Elvira" with us to a convention in the 2005 season at some point!

For more information on "Elvira" or to join her fan club please see the links page on this site.